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Becoming Untethered

Tee Jay is a victorious survivor of human trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse, and mental/emotional programming. She and her family have learned firsthand what is needed to overcome principalities and powers of darkness powers that relentlessly hunted them for years, until the Holy Spirit brought a path to freedom.

About Tee Jay

Tee Jay Henderson, has a diversity of life experiences and teachings. With some college business classes under her belt, a fierce passion for “being fully alive” gained from the rodeo world, and a desire to know Jesus Christ, she married a handsome, industrious rancher. 

She and her husband, Mike, married for thirty-three years now, have been entrepreneurs in the agriculture world and called into agency work for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Stewarding a ranch that has been in the family since 1881, a diverse livestock business and years of various leadership experiences have given them a well-rounded knowledge base of life. 

In this era, we are each getting a bigger glimpse of the many ways “they” have been taking away our agency. The Cambridge dictionary defines agency as – “the ability to take action, or to choose what action to take.” Even in the court systems, evil is dominating the outcome of judgments to take away agency on a whole new level. God, Almighty, has spoken and is making His counter moves as the just and righteous Judge of the universe. If you’re a survivor in any way of the Dark Agenda, or starting to see the world as it truly is, Tee Jay’s testimony, book and future work is for you. 

Becoming Untethered

Exposing the dark Agenda with God’s Truth

In 2007, a Phone Call Heard Around the World made by their son, would launch Tee Jay and her family onto a deep healing journey that would expose horrific, hidden childhood trauma. Tee Jay will lead you through the journey it has taken to find the real truth about her own story. A story that included human trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, and mental/emotional programming.

Her journey will help many find awareness, healing that is found in Jesus Christ, and redemptive Keys to the Kingdom. Becoming Untethered will become a trusted resource for counselors, coaches and spiritual leaders.

“There is a need for a new breed of leaders

(God) Longs for the next generation of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, church leaders, entertainers, politicians, and educators to be people of deep integrity, who can lead with kingdom authority and walk with confident humility.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Craig Cooney



Tee Jay’s riveting account of her life’s journey from desperation to victory gives hope to all who have suffered negative childhood imprinting. I applaud Tee Jay’s courage in sharing her story in order to help others who have been similarly afflicted. Her determination to search for resolution is a wonderful Testament to the healing power of God’s truth and light. To God be the glory!Robert Stowell

USMA, West Point, BS 1965, RVN Vet ’66-‘67, Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star, 3 Air Medals, Purple Heart. U of NE, JD 1972. AV rating for 40 years


I was the Program Director at KSBJ in Houston, Texas when “the call” came into our Morning Show. When I heard it I knew it was something special. That call has been shared and heard by millions around the globe and is STILL impacting people today. At the time I don’t think any of us realized just how wide reaching this story would become. “Becoming Untethered” will share just some of that impact but it goes well beyond just “the call”. It will challenge you to a deeper, closer, and more meaningful walk with Jesus. That’s what happened to so many because of the call on that special morning.

My prayer for you as you read these pages is that you understand: that God loves you, that He sees you, and that he longs to have that kind of deep meaningful relationship with you every single day.

As you read the words on these pages may you see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and may your soul be filled with the fullness of His love for you.

Chuck Pryor

Current Executive Director of Joel Osteen Radio, Former Program Director for KSBJ and VP of Programming for K-Love and Air1

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Here is the original video to The Phone Call Heard around the World, the Sky Angel Cowboy, and the 700 Club Interview that was done the same year.

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